Website development for the tasks of your business

We develop projects of any complexity from Landing page and business card website to large projects using Big Data and designed for Hight Load. Due to the use of only the best advanced technologies in the field of WEB, the effectiveness of the sites developed by us is always at the highest level. In our core technology stack: Laravel, Vue, Nuxt, ElasticSearch, Graphql. We will create a website that will fall in love with customers and bring income to your business
Online stores
We develop custom online stores with individual design. Convenient catalog, automatic price update, synchronization between warehouses, integration with CRM, reporting, this is part of the advantages of our developments
Landing page
We create convenient and functional landing page based on an analysis of your service and the product's target audience. Our leads always have high conversion and maximum targeting efficiency
Internet portal
Automate routine work processes, simplify business and give your employees new tools. Internet portals help establish communication within companies, with clients, partners and conquer a large segment of the market
We create catalog sites for business so that you can update your assortment in real time and present it to your audience, update prices and stock. So your business gets an additional supply of flexibility
You find new partners and clients on universal digital trading platforms. Marketplace opens up new opportunities for business: the opportunity to expand geography, attract new customers and establish omnichannel marketing
Individual web-solution
Stand out among competitors, win the hearts of customers and personalize services through your own unique platform. Turnkey site creation will help businesses stay on trend, maintain loyalty and easily adapt to any challenge

Technologies that we use in our developments

Design and Prototyping

Examples of our work

F.A.Q - Frequently asked questions

How to contact you
Studio contact numbers: 068 833 90 30, 095 833 90 30, 068 833 90 30
Viber/Telegram/WhatApp are available on the number: +380 68 833 90 30
How to order a site and what is required
First of all, get ready before you leave a request to create a site.
Look at the sites of competitors, decide on the necessary functionality.
Write all this in a notebook, any information will come in handy. Then you can place an application to create a site.
If you experience problems with the selection of functionality, you can always contact the managers of our studio who will help you select the necessary functionality and draw up a project brief.
How much does a website cost and how long does it take
To fully estimate the cost and calculate the timing of the project, the TOR of the project is required.
If you have a ready-made TK, send it to us. After reviewing, we will answer you with the cost and terms.
If you are just planning to order the development of a site, and you do not have a brief, technical specifications and prototypes, please contact our managers for help.
Competitive advantages of the company
  • Extensive experience with Big Data and high-load Hight Load projects
  • Progressiveness, we apply modern methods and approaches in our developments. We keep up with the times in web development.
  • We make effective projects that achieve their goals: bring profit to companies and delight visitors
  • The professionalism of our team, supported by a systematic approach to the development and promotion process, as well as extensive experience in implementing various projects